A reflection on my cinematic journey

Art is much more than a journey. It is a reflection of our soul.


My passion for film has taken over my life & now I just look like a film reel in a movie projector projecting picture onto everywhere/everything.


My cinematic journey in numbers:
Films I’ve watched in;
2013: 912
2014: 285
2015: 204
2016: 254


There are now over 1,600 movies in my film collection.

Dreaming Bulleh


I don’t know why there’s so much hate in this world right now but I believe in love. I believe in good soul and heart of a person rather than their outlook. People have made this life so complicated but I think we could make it easier by always remembering this verse by Bulleh Shah:

Masjid dha de
Mandir dha de
Dha de jo kucch dainda
Par kisi da dil na dhain
Rab dilan vich rehnda

Tear down the Mosque
Tear down the Temple
Break everything in sight
But do not break a person’s heart
It is there that God resides