Favorite Albums of 2016

You knew how it felt to feel invisible
Music calmed your soul, just like a drug
Remember, Bug?
(Dream Theater – A New Beginning)

Here I am, don’t be afraid
I will never let you slip away
Look my way, you must be brave
Find the strength to live for one more day
I will keep from losing Faythe
I will ask for grace, and hope we find a way
Like a candles dying flame
With forgiving eyes
She starts to drift away
(Dream Theater – Losing Faythe)

best-albums-of-20161Ey lads, here I am with my favorite albums of 2016. The most anticipated album for me was Dream Theater’s The Astonishing. I’ll never forget the proggy, astonishing and cinematic experience of listening to this sonic ecstasy.

best-albums-of-2016This is the list of my favorite albums of 2016:

  1. Dream Theater – The Astonishing
  2. Big Big Train – Folklore
  3. iamthemorning – Lighthouse
  4. Opeth – Sorceress
  5. Syd Arthur – Apricity
  6. Marillion – FEAR
  7. The Pineapple Thief – Your Wilderness
  8. Riverside – Eye of the Soundscape
  9. David Bowie – Blackstar
  10. The Dear Hunter – Act V Hymns with the Devil in Confessional
  11. The Anchoress – Confessions of a Romance Novelist
  12. Devin Townsend – Transcendence
  13. Anderson Stolt – The Invention of Knowledge
  14. The Gift – Why The Sea Is Salt
  15. Haken – Affinity
  16. Steven Wilson – 4 ½
  17. Hexvessel – When We Are Death
  18. Frost – Falling Satellites
  19. Tesseract – Errai
  20. Knifeworld – Bottled Out Of Eden
  21. Fire Garden – Far and Near
  22. Gandalf’s Fist – The Clockwork Fable
  23. King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard – Nonagon Infinity
  24. Radiohead – A Moon Shaped Pool
  25. Messenger – Threnodies
  26. Katatonia – The Fall of Hearts
  27. Bent Knee – Say So
  28. Paul Draper – EP One/ EP Two
  29. Kansas – The Prelude Implicit
  30. Plants and Animals – Waltzed in from the Rumbling
  31. Frightened Rabbit – Painting of a Panic Attack
  32. Gong – Rejoice! I’m Dead!
  33. Ulver – ATGCLVLSSCAP
  34. Andy Jackson – 73 Days At Sea
  35. Purson – Desire’s Magic Theatre
  36. Southern Empire – Southern Empire
  37. Ihsahn – Arktis
  38. Shearwater – Jet Plane And Oxbow
  39. Tiles – Pretending 2 Run
  40. Fates Warning – Theories of Flight
  41. Thank You Scientist – Stranger Heads Prevail
  42. Hawkwind – The Machine Stops
  43. Green Day – Revolution Radio
  44. Motorpsycho – Here Be Monsters
  45. Fallujah – Dreamless

My favorite albums of 2014/Best Prog albums of 2014

It gave us a purpose, sometimes
It gave us a reason, and a rhyme
Looking for meaning in song
Such inner searching, so long

You’ll never stop, you’re searching for the one you know has died
Is the one you loved returning? The one you left to die

Eternal rains will come
We should say goodbye
And suffer on our own
As all our thoughts were wrong

Top albums of 2014 Collage 1

Hi-ho! For most proggers Opeth’s “Pale Communion” was the most anticipated album of 2014 but not for me. The most anticipated albums for me was Anathema’s “Distant Satellites”, The Pineapple Thief’s “Magnolia” and Yes’s “Heaven & Earth”.  All these anticipated albums haven’t failed my expectations as most people are saying about Yes’s “Heaven & Earth” that it’s disappointing. Well it isn’t, it’s a decent album and needs time plus more listens. Anyway Anathema’s “Distant Satellites”. The Pineapple Thief’s “Magnolia”, Opeth’s “Pale Communion” never fails to aspire ears with well balanced music, mixing and lyrics. You can learn more about Anathema and Anathema’s “Distant Satellites” here: “Anathema’s Distant Satellites, an album which is more alluring than a raw dog“.

Top albums of 2014 Collage 3

So here you, this is the list of whatever I was listening in 2014 from 2014, apart from other music albums/tracks I was listening from past.

  1. Anathema – Distant Satellites
  2. The Pineapple Thief – Magnolia
  3. Opeth – Pale Communion
  4. Epica – The Quantum Enigma
  5. Pain of Salvation – Falling Home
  6. Gazpacho – Demon
  7. Cosmograf – Capacitor
  8. Tin Spirits – Scorch
  9. Yes – Heaven & Earth
  10. Devin Townsend – Z² Ziltoid
  11. Lunatic Soul – Walking on a Flashlight Beam
  12. Animals as Leaders – The Joy of Motion
  13. Mastodon – Once More ‘Round the Sun
  14. Pendragon – Men Who Climb Mountains
  15. Haken – Restoration (EP)
  16. Pink Floyd – The Endless River
  17. Trojan Horse – World Turned Upside Down
  18. Periphery – Clear (EP)
  19. Fire Garden – Sound of Majestic Colors
  20. Freedom To Glide – Rain
  21. In The Presence Of Wolves – Thalassas
  22. Resistor – To The Stars
  23. Syndone – Odysseas
  24. Uriah Heep – Outsider
  25. Transatlantic – Kaleidoscope
  26. Thom Yorke – Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes
  27. Chromatography – Not Long Enough To Be An Album But Too Long For An EP
  28. Hero – Helo
  29. Destiny Potato – LUN
  30. Tacita Intesa – Tacita Intesa

New 10 Collage 2

Here’s 10 new additions to the list:

  1. Syd Arthur – Sound Mirror
  2. Seven Impale – City Of The Sun
  3. Messenger – Illusory Blues
  4. Monarch Trail – Skye
  5. Gandalf’s Fist – A Forest of Fey
  6. Flaming Row – Mirage – A Portrayal Of Figures
  7. Tim Bowness – Abandoned Dancehall Dreams
  8. Synaesthesia – Synaesthesia
  9. Distorted Harmony – Chain Reaction
  10. Motorpsycho – Behind the Sun

New 10 Two 1-2

Hi, it’s January, 10th and I’m adding 10 more albums to this list, taking this post to the total of 50 albums.

  1. Lee Abraham – Distant Days
  2. Annot Rhul – Leviathan
  3. Closure in Moscow – Pink Lemonade
  4. Curved Air – North Star
  5. Asia – Gravitas
  6. Ian Anderson – Homo Erraticus
  7. Cynic – Kindly Bent to Free Us
  8. Circa Survive – Descensus
  9. Saga – Sagacity
  10. IQ – The Road of Bones

Haceeb’s Top Ten Albums of 2013

Here’s my pick of best albums from 2013. Yeah I know I’m posting it here late but last year I posted it everywhere and forget to post here. So I guess now is the time to post it here too. These albums belong to genres of Prog, Progressive rock, Progressive metal, Instrumental rock, Hard rock, Art rock, Jazz fusion, Symphonic metal.
This years most anticipated albums are: Yes’s “Heaven & Earth”, Anathema’s “Distant Satellites”, Opeth’s “Pale Communion”. I’m gonna rate them at end of the year.
As for now let’s look at Top Ten Albums of 2013:

Dream Theater - Dream TheaterSteven Wilson The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories)ayreon the theory of everything

Haceeb's Top Ten Albums of 2013