My majestic, glorious and astonishing, Australia cricket team


On 29th, March, 2015, Australia won the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 for the fifth time beating New Zealand by 7 wickets at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.
It was an honor to watch such an impressive, right on cricket from Aussies which they always play. When Australia and South Africa play cricket, you get hard ons in your in your eyes and body like you’re experiencing raw dog. In simple words, they’re beauty of cricket is nothing without them.

So Michael Clarke won the Cricket World Cup for the 5th time for Australia, before him Ricky Ponting won two Cricket World Cups in 2003 and 2007, Steve Waugh won one Cricket World Cup in 1999 and Allan Border won one Cricket World Cup in 1987 too. So no other team is closer to us in terms of Cricket World Cup wins and only South Africa comes closer to our skills and talent. Which means we’re fucking Gods of Cricket.

63 not out, and he resumes his innings up there with Sir Don Bradman!
We were emotional through out this World Cup too because we lost our brother, Phillip Hughes on November, 27th, 2014, Hughesy, who was a passionate cricketer and phenomenal batsman. He was hit in the neck by a bouncer during a domestic first-class match on November, 25th 2014 and after remaining in coma, he died on November, 27th 2014. So winning of this World Cup was important for fans and Australian Cricket Team too. Michael Clarke even wore a black arm band featuring the initials PH in memory of Phillip Hughes. And after winning World Cup he said: “I’ll wear it every game I play for Australia, It’s been a really tough few months, we’ve played this World Cup with 16 players. Tonight, this is dedicated to our little brother and teammate Phillip Hughes. I’m over the moon — what a tournament, Time is right for me to walk away from one-day cricket.”

I agree with Clarke too, Hughesy will remain part of our team forever just like Sir Don Bradman. This world cup is for you Hughesy, Phillip Hughes, 408, 63 Not Out Forever.

We’re the champions. We’re mighty Aussies. We’re fucking phenomenal. We’re beyond perfection. We’re Champions for eternity. We’re Australian cricket team.